15 October 2008

Rodeo and Soccer Pics

Here are several pics from the rodeo that the kids participated in over the summer. These were actually taken at the last rodeo in September and we ended up having a double rodeo that day so poor Casper had to run both of the kids through all of the events not once, but TWICE...poor guy was pretty pooped at the end of that day! He is such a good boy though, he started out hollaring the entire time he would be in the arena away from his buddy - he would still do what he was supposed to do but would neigh while doing it, but during the last few months he finally slowed down to maybe a few neighs per rodeo compared to constantly! We were so excited!

The picture above is my daughter on Casper and my son on Cochise. This was Cochise's first rodeo with us and I think it may have been his first one ever. He seems great at trail riding but he needs some work in the arena, all he wanted to do was follow Casper out the gate when it was his turn. Below are pics of the kids dummy roping...they both seemed to have enjoyed their very first rodeo season, we look forward to next year.

Soccer pics from 4 Oct 08
Here is my daughter getting ready to throw the ball in during her soccer game. She loves to play soccer. Her team has won their past 2 games with 2 games left to play this season. I hope they are able to win again! She is such an aggressive player too, she has no problem keeping up with the boys...she is one tough cookie...

Here is my son playing goalie. He doesn't care for it much, as he prefers to play forward but all the team members get their chance to be goalie.
I thought this pic was pretty cool...with the ball in the air in the middle of all the kids...my son is in the red in the center of the photo. Their team is currently undefeated with 2 games left in the season, he has been playing so good this year!


Andrea said...

Holy Cow Casper looks great! I love that one of your man turning him around the barrel. Casper looks good too!! that big boy!!

You got some great soccer pictures. Mine didn't end up that good. The one with the ball in the air is cool!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun! I wish I had a horse and some barrels! :) I wouldn't know what to do any ways I guess. Thanks so much for sharing!