29 April 2009

Kynadee's 1st Communion (yes, from April 2009)

I am such a bad blogger....so here are some pics back from April (when I started this post) of Kynadee's 1st Communion. Hopefully I can get a few more posts done soon and catch up to the current time....soccer season is here and games are starting tomorrow...rodeo is over for the season. Lots of things have happened since I last posted, hubby is back to work and I am still not back but will be before too long :( but thankful for having a job. Got some new horses, sold a couple of others...need to sell some more! LOL!! Until next time...and hopefully it will not be 5 months down the road...lol

12 April 2009

Easter Weekend

This is more of a continuation from Good Friday since I didn't have time to put in all the pictures for that entry. Not only did we have crawfish but we played volleyball and the kids rode with pawpaw on the 4-wheeler. My nephew is pictured below and let me tell you, if you think his cheeks are red in the pictured you should have seen him before he rested a bit!!!
Looks as if my oldest (in the red) is telling pawpaw how much fun he is having in this shot... Our daughter looks as though she is trying to pick at their cousin under pawpaw's arm.

"So how many rounds has that been so far?" I can imagine pawpaw was getting quite bored with the situation but as long as his koozie was filled he was good...lol

My brother figured out that our nephew loves to be thrown up in the air... he would back up to my brother over and over for him to do it again and again... I love this shot!

And here is my sister and her hubby. We got to visit with them this morning before they headed back to Mobile AL. My nephew threw a fit getting into the car, guess he wasn't ready to go yet.

These are some volleyball action shots I got of our son. He really enjoyed the game as did the rest of us. We used to play all the time growing up and it had been a long time since I had played but its just like riding a bike, you just don't forget! We really had a blast!

11 April 2009

Good Friday Crawfish...YUM

So I can't remember ever not having crawfish on Good Friday: well... except when I wasn't home during the time I was in the Navy, but other than that I have always gone to my dad's house where he would boil up anywhere from 70 - 90 pounds of crawfish, and of course you can't have crawfish without potatoes and corn on the cob. They also boiled some onions and mushrooms but I am not a fan of those two things so I can't tell you how they tasted but everyone who did eat them enjoyed them. We had a great day and we had wonderful weather to boot.

The kids godparents brought a bowl of fruit, and on top of the mixture of cantelope, watermelon and grapes where the sweetest strawberries I have had this year...they were delicious.

Here is my brother diggin in, he lives in New Orleans now so he is close to home and can come in for the holidays. He was in Missouri for several years and we didn't see very much of him but he is back and definately making up for lost time... (or lost meals...lol)

And here is my baby sister, who has a baby of her own now which took me like forever to get used to and I still have to pinch myself sometimes... Her little family was able to make it in from Mobile AL. They usually make it in for most holidays as well so we are fortunate enough to get to see my little nephew on a pretty regular basis!

Well, I had to put him in here too.... here is the hubby. Sucking the heads, YUCK! Crawfish brains and fat is not something I think I would enjoy so... I just don't eat it! I love crawfish but not quite THAT much! And yep, that is his single crutch leaned up on the chair to the left, he is currently down to one crutch and we hope he will be healed up soon enough to be off them completely... (and go back to work...lol)