29 April 2009

Kynadee's 1st Communion (yes, from April 2009)

I am such a bad blogger....so here are some pics back from April (when I started this post) of Kynadee's 1st Communion. Hopefully I can get a few more posts done soon and catch up to the current time....soccer season is here and games are starting tomorrow...rodeo is over for the season. Lots of things have happened since I last posted, hubby is back to work and I am still not back but will be before too long :( but thankful for having a job. Got some new horses, sold a couple of others...need to sell some more! LOL!! Until next time...and hopefully it will not be 5 months down the road...lol

12 April 2009

Easter Weekend

This is more of a continuation from Good Friday since I didn't have time to put in all the pictures for that entry. Not only did we have crawfish but we played volleyball and the kids rode with pawpaw on the 4-wheeler. My nephew is pictured below and let me tell you, if you think his cheeks are red in the pictured you should have seen him before he rested a bit!!!
Looks as if my oldest (in the red) is telling pawpaw how much fun he is having in this shot... Our daughter looks as though she is trying to pick at their cousin under pawpaw's arm.

"So how many rounds has that been so far?" I can imagine pawpaw was getting quite bored with the situation but as long as his koozie was filled he was good...lol

My brother figured out that our nephew loves to be thrown up in the air... he would back up to my brother over and over for him to do it again and again... I love this shot!

And here is my sister and her hubby. We got to visit with them this morning before they headed back to Mobile AL. My nephew threw a fit getting into the car, guess he wasn't ready to go yet.

These are some volleyball action shots I got of our son. He really enjoyed the game as did the rest of us. We used to play all the time growing up and it had been a long time since I had played but its just like riding a bike, you just don't forget! We really had a blast!

11 April 2009

Good Friday Crawfish...YUM

So I can't remember ever not having crawfish on Good Friday: well... except when I wasn't home during the time I was in the Navy, but other than that I have always gone to my dad's house where he would boil up anywhere from 70 - 90 pounds of crawfish, and of course you can't have crawfish without potatoes and corn on the cob. They also boiled some onions and mushrooms but I am not a fan of those two things so I can't tell you how they tasted but everyone who did eat them enjoyed them. We had a great day and we had wonderful weather to boot.

The kids godparents brought a bowl of fruit, and on top of the mixture of cantelope, watermelon and grapes where the sweetest strawberries I have had this year...they were delicious.

Here is my brother diggin in, he lives in New Orleans now so he is close to home and can come in for the holidays. He was in Missouri for several years and we didn't see very much of him but he is back and definately making up for lost time... (or lost meals...lol)

And here is my baby sister, who has a baby of her own now which took me like forever to get used to and I still have to pinch myself sometimes... Her little family was able to make it in from Mobile AL. They usually make it in for most holidays as well so we are fortunate enough to get to see my little nephew on a pretty regular basis!

Well, I had to put him in here too.... here is the hubby. Sucking the heads, YUCK! Crawfish brains and fat is not something I think I would enjoy so... I just don't eat it! I love crawfish but not quite THAT much! And yep, that is his single crutch leaned up on the chair to the left, he is currently down to one crutch and we hope he will be healed up soon enough to be off them completely... (and go back to work...lol)

29 March 2009

Little Dribblers 2009

Well, before the whole broken leg episode, the kids had been participating in the schools
Little Dribblers Basketball Program, so here are a few pics of various games ...
"yeah, just try and get that ball past me..."

My hubby was the assistant coach for our son's team but due to his broken leg right before our last game he was unable to help out and missed out on the group photo...

And here is our girl, this was her first year playing and she absolutely loved it, her coach called her the "chaos maker"... it was funny since she was the smallest one on the team but caused the most drama, but she has a knack for being a little drama queen so it came natural...lol

"Ok ladies, lets keep our eyes on the ball!"

Overall the kids had a great time and they are looking forward to next year. Now its rodeo time and then back to soccer this fall. Its just one big circle that never ends.

28 March 2009


Well, as usual, we have been having a lot of FUN around our house lately... Almost 5 weeks ago my hubby broke his leg. The first two weeks I felt as if I had a new born baby again since I had to get up every 3 hours in the middle of the night. Luckily, it was a clean break and thankfully it wasn't a compound fracture which it came pretty close to being. The following pics aren't for the faint of heart so beware...they were taken about a week after the incident. He broke both bones in the leg about 3 inches above his ankle. The doctor inserted a rod into the tibia (shin bone) and put 2 screws at the top and 2 screws at the bottom to hold it in place so it would not rotate. The tibia is like a chicken bone, it is hollow, so they just drilled a hole in the bone just under the knee and screwed the rod into the tibia. Pretty amazing how they do things these days.

He had around 2 dozen staples placed over the various insisions. He was told he would be on crutches for 4 - 6 weeks. We are currently working on week 5. After week 2 the doctor told him to start putting weight on the leg. He can now hobble around with one crutch or if he has something to hold onto he can move around without the crutches at all. This past week there has been a lot of improvement. I finally returned to work last night for the first time since the accident and hopefully he can return to work soon as well. Unfortunately we will be unable to go on a family vacation this year due to our new bills but since my hubby will not be completely healed for 3 or 4 months, a vacation isn't something that would be much fun now anyway. Here are a couple of more recent pics, taken about 5 days ago, he tries to get outside as much as he can since he feels cooped up all the time, then it rained for several days and that kept him in the house even more so he was ready for a little stroll...

Too bad this is as close as he can get to helping me with our horse chores...good thing he will be off the crutches soon, its a lot easier when we share the load.... until next time.

15 February 2009

My New Camera...

Although there are lots of things I need to learn about my new Nikon D80,
I really like the quality that it delivers thus far. Here are a few pics I have taken so far...

This is Kodee - our 6 yr old gelding

This is Bella - recently registered as Lady Blue Bella
(my hubby has a thing for ice cream and Blue Bell came to mind...LOL)

And this is our American Bulldog - Beaux
Well, these are just a few...I actually took loads of pics at the kids little dribblers games yesterday and I will go through them and see if I was able to capture some
clear action shots that I can upload to the blog...until next time...

09 December 2008

Time is flying!!!

I know, I know, you didn't think you would hear from me again huh. It is sort of difficult for me to get a chance to sit down and actually post one of these things. Between work, the kids, the horses and the husband, who really has time.

I can't believe it is already February. Time is just flying and I feel as though I am not accomplishing anything! My hubby's birthday was yesterday, he is now 34. He and I went to Pat's of Henderson for dinner Sunday night and then saw Underworld - Rise of the Lycans afterwards. I LOVE those movies... this one was pretty good too, although the sound did not come on when the movie started so my hubby went and complained and after 5 min of not understanding what we were seeing up on the screen the sound came on and it took us the whole movie before we understood what we saw in the beginning. Wasn't too bad, we got some free tickets for another movie and you know how expensive movie tickets are! Overall we had a good time. The kids stayed home with Grandma while we went out to dinner.

My grandmother, my dad's mom, is now living with us. She has been living in Austin TX for the last 5 years or so and decided it was time to come home. She is 71 yrs old and the house where she used to live and raised her family in is no longer livable...termites have infested all the support beams on the house so she can definitely not live there. She has started applying for apartments but with her fixed income they are hard to come by. So we will just see what plays out for now. She has no vehicle or anything either so has to depend on me or my truck so she can go to the store or to doctor appts. I am just fortunate that she is able to get around as well as she can. My hubby LOVES having her here. The other night while I was at work she cooked him beef heart and liver....YUCK!!! I figured since I was not at home it wouldn't be too bad and I would not have to smell it...boy was I wrong...when I returned home the next morning my house stunk! I told my hubby that I hoped he enjoyed his dinner because it was the last time he would be cooking that in my house! He will either have to take that nasty stuff outside or get my dad to cook it over at his house!

I don't have time to post pics today since I am trying to get our taxes together but I will post some soon. I got a new camera and I have yet to read all the instructions on how to hook it up to the computer so I can download the pics I have taken so far...so look for them in the future...how far in the future is questionable...but I will do my best!

Until next time...

24 November 2008

Isn't It Fantastic!!!

I love my new header and background! Shelsscraps did a awesome job! You can get one too, just click on her blinkie over to the right and drop her a line.

I wasn't sure what I wanted at first but I just sent her some photos and gave her some general info of things I thought would look good and WAH-LAH....I have a terrific new look! Thanks so much Shelly!

07 November 2008

My poor SUV...

Well, here is the outcome of some truck drivers ignorant thinking that it is ok to pass a vehicle on the shoulder and not caring if all his trailer accessories are stowed away properly...

I just thank God that the kids were not in the vehicle, glass flew everywhere...

Halloween Pics....sorry so late...

So here he is dressed as Indiana Jones. The kids got to ride on the back of a trailer lined with hay bales as they cruised around town in search of a sugar high....

Nope, she isn't pretending. Lil Miss Hannah Montana got in a power nap before heading out on the search. And yes, she is laid out on our coffee table, this child can sleep anywhere...

Here he is again, Mr. Indiana Jones...I tried to make his beard look like a 5 o'clock shadow but it didn't come out as well as I had hoped...he just looks like he needed a shave.

And here is Miss Hannah Montana, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to hit the road in search of CANDY!!!!

04 November 2008

Halloween Plus...

Well, we have been busy...between work, school, danceline and Halloween just over the past couple of weeks I have barely had enough time to come up for air. And then, to top things off, I was in a sort of car accident on Monday. While waiting to turn left at a Y an impatient truck driver decided to go around me on the shoulder and a pole like thing came lose and slammed into the back of my SUV. The back glass of my lift gate completely shattered and glass flew all over my vehicle. Luckily the kids were still in school so they were not with me but the entire ordeal scared the crap out of me. I have been fortunate not to have been in any accidents and I thank God that no one was hurt in this one. Anyway, I am waiting on my insurance adjustor to come out and take a look at my vehicle and I also got lucky enough that the vehicle behind the 18 wheeler got the tag number off of his trailer because he didn't stop, at all... Oh well, I did everything I was supposed to do and now we just wait...but all is well and everyone is good and that is all that matters. Well, I will try to put up some more pics soon. Have a wonderful day! Until next time...

15 October 2008

Rodeo and Soccer Pics

Here are several pics from the rodeo that the kids participated in over the summer. These were actually taken at the last rodeo in September and we ended up having a double rodeo that day so poor Casper had to run both of the kids through all of the events not once, but TWICE...poor guy was pretty pooped at the end of that day! He is such a good boy though, he started out hollaring the entire time he would be in the arena away from his buddy - he would still do what he was supposed to do but would neigh while doing it, but during the last few months he finally slowed down to maybe a few neighs per rodeo compared to constantly! We were so excited!

The picture above is my daughter on Casper and my son on Cochise. This was Cochise's first rodeo with us and I think it may have been his first one ever. He seems great at trail riding but he needs some work in the arena, all he wanted to do was follow Casper out the gate when it was his turn. Below are pics of the kids dummy roping...they both seemed to have enjoyed their very first rodeo season, we look forward to next year.

Soccer pics from 4 Oct 08
Here is my daughter getting ready to throw the ball in during her soccer game. She loves to play soccer. Her team has won their past 2 games with 2 games left to play this season. I hope they are able to win again! She is such an aggressive player too, she has no problem keeping up with the boys...she is one tough cookie...

Here is my son playing goalie. He doesn't care for it much, as he prefers to play forward but all the team members get their chance to be goalie.
I thought this pic was pretty cool...with the ball in the air in the middle of all the kids...my son is in the red in the center of the photo. Their team is currently undefeated with 2 games left in the season, he has been playing so good this year!

07 October 2008

Posting Pictures....Yeah!!!

Just learning how to add pics to my blog...These are pics of both of the kids riding Patches during a rodeo this past summer. I have requested the assistance of someone else to help fix my background and header so sorry for the awful mess I have created. Until next time...

05 October 2008

I can't believe I am a blogger....bloggess...blog...something...lol

I can't believe I have finally decided to sit down and start blogging. My sister-in-law has been doing it for some time and I have gotten really interested in it and reading some other people's blogs as well. So please, all you professional bloggers out there, bear with me as I tread new waters. I really enjoy the idea of creating something that my children can read as they get older.