12 April 2009

Easter Weekend

This is more of a continuation from Good Friday since I didn't have time to put in all the pictures for that entry. Not only did we have crawfish but we played volleyball and the kids rode with pawpaw on the 4-wheeler. My nephew is pictured below and let me tell you, if you think his cheeks are red in the pictured you should have seen him before he rested a bit!!!
Looks as if my oldest (in the red) is telling pawpaw how much fun he is having in this shot... Our daughter looks as though she is trying to pick at their cousin under pawpaw's arm.

"So how many rounds has that been so far?" I can imagine pawpaw was getting quite bored with the situation but as long as his koozie was filled he was good...lol

My brother figured out that our nephew loves to be thrown up in the air... he would back up to my brother over and over for him to do it again and again... I love this shot!

And here is my sister and her hubby. We got to visit with them this morning before they headed back to Mobile AL. My nephew threw a fit getting into the car, guess he wasn't ready to go yet.

These are some volleyball action shots I got of our son. He really enjoyed the game as did the rest of us. We used to play all the time growing up and it had been a long time since I had played but its just like riding a bike, you just don't forget! We really had a blast!


Andrea said...

What fun!! I used to love to play volleyball too!! Your Big Man looks like he is liking volleyball!! Great action shots!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that camera is amazing! It makes you look like a professional photographer! HE HE HE! Thanks for sharing!